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Umrah Packages

UK Hajj Packages
at 3200*

USA Hajj Packages
at $ 5500*

Umrah Packages

Economy Packages
at 230*

Bronze Packages
at 260*

Silver Packages
at 310*

Gold Packages
at 360*

Dimond Packages
at 440*

*Excludes airfare.

Umrah Packages

Economy Packages
at $ 360*

Bronze Packages
at $  410*

Silver Packages
at $ 490*

Gold Packages
at $ 570*

Dimond Packages
at $ 690*

*Excludes airfare.


Ajiad Makkah 4*
Al Massa 4*
Al Marwah Rotana 5*
Al Shohada Hotel 5*
Dallah Barakah Ajiyad 3*
Dar Al Nadwah 4*
Eiman Grand 4*
Eiman Inn 4*
Elaf Kinda 5*
Grand Zam Zam 5*
Hilton Towers 5*
Intercon Darul Tawhid 5*
Le Meridian Makkah 5*
Le Meridina Towers 5*
Makkah hilton 5*
Movenpick Hajar Makkah 5*
Nawazi Ajyad 4*
Rawabi Al Taj 2*
Rawabi Zam Zam 3*
Royal Dar Al Eiman 5*
Safwah Towres 5*

Saraya Eiman 4*
Palestine Hotel
Elaf Mashaer
Dar al Manasek
Dar Al Ghufran
Raffles Makkah
Soofra Al Jazeera 3*


Al Haram 5*
Al Madinah Harmony 5*
Andalus Dar Al Khair 4*
Andalus Dar As Salam 3*
Anwar Madinah Movenpick 5*
Arees Al Jawar 4*
Dallah Taiba 4*
Dar Al Hijrah International 5*
Dyar International 5*
Eiman Grand Madinah 4*
Elaf Taiba 4*
Intercon Darul Eiman 5*
Intercon Darul Taqwa 5*
Jawharat Rasheed 3*
Madinah Hilton 5*
Madinah Movenpick 5*
Manazil Al Aswaf 3*
Massat Andalus Madianh 3*
Mawaddah Al Safwah 4*
Mirag Hotels 4*
Mubarak Silver 4*
New Al Harithiyah 5*
Oberoi 5*
Redisson Blu 5*
Shaza Al Madinah 5*
Holiday Villa
Royal Dyar
Soofra Al Huda 4*

About Ahmed Tours Franchise

If you are looking for a professional and competent team supporting you in your ambitions to serve the Hajj and Umrah market, then Ahmed Tours and Travels Ltd franchise is your perfect platform. It offers a 100% Halal income and not only this, it provides an opportunity to serve the guests of Allah and earn reward. For a Muslim it is the best of both worlds.

Ahmed Tours had a turnover in excess of 1.2 Million by 30th June 2010 with a target to reach 2.5 Million by 2014. With our help and support you can soon have revenues to be proud of with your very own Ahmed Tours franchise.

Advantages of an Ahmed Tours franchise

We have been dealing with Hajis since 1984.

We are Saudi Hajj Ministry approved and thus can guarantee Hajj visas. Most tour operators or group leaders have to purchase through us or other approved agents in the UK.

We are IATA accredited; meaning we can issue tickets directly and not have to purchase from others.

We are ATOL protected, giving financial security to our customers.

Our buying power in the Umrah and Hajj market is significant which means we can buy cheap and thus sell cheaper.

We are present in USA, UK and Bangladesh.

We have the latest technology to generate prices for Umrah and air tickets. You and your customers have access to prices anytime you want.

We have a 24HRS call centre dealing with customers and agents. You can benefit from being open all the time.

Ahmed Tours is a brand that resonates good service, good customer care and very competitive prices.

You can open your own home-based service or better still a retail unit. Whichever you are confident with. Obviously there are less overheads for a home-based service and more costs associated with a retail unit.

We will generate leads for you

Ahmed Tours will find customers for you through our very strong marketing. We are ever present in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. Not only this we are available in print and TV media also. Customers local to you will call you. The conversion depends on your customer service skills.

Our packages are regularly monitored. This ensures that we always have the best prices and products. When a customer calls, you should have 100% confidence that you have right product for them at the right price. .

Our Management Team

Ahmed Tours has some of the most qualified individuals in the Hajj and Umrah Markets in their management team. Our chairman Imam Rashid Ahmed [BA, LLB, MA in Islamic Studies] has been serving Hajis since 1984. Our Managing Director Tamim Yahya Ahmed [BSC HONS Software Engineering] has been helping in the running of the business since 1993. Our other director, Fahim Zakaria Ahmed is a graduate in Business Management. All in all you should have full confidence that the management team has the expertise, the sincerity and capacity to generate more and more revenue. We do this by making sure we stay ahead of the game.

Our franchise offers you

An exclusive territory to develop your Hajj and Umrah business.

Our unique and sophisticated marketing expertise, helping you generate leads that you convert into paying customers.

We provide you opening training and ongoing help to deal with new and existing products.

We help with brochures, business cards and other marketing tools.

Continuous and ongoing support. We are always with you.

Franchise benefits

During Umrah season you should get 100 enquiries every month for the whole season lasting 7 months. Typical conversion rate will be 30%. We at head office get between 200-300 enquiries each week.

30% of 100 enquiries is 30 customers. Profit margin for each Umrah package sold is 60, meaning 1800 each month and for the season 12,600. Average Umrah package cost should be 800, meaning turnover will be 168,000.

For selling one Hajj package you will get 200 commission. As you will be Ahmed Tours, it should not be difficult for you to sell 50 Hajj packages, meaning profit of 10,000. This will be the profit for one month of Hajj. The revenue will be 3200 @ 50 package = 160,000.

In addition to this there will be further income generated by selling of worldwide air tickets and hotels.

All in all our franchise offers an avenue of income that is stable and worthwhile.

Franchise fees

One off charge of 10,000. There are no monthly fees thereafter. There are no commissions on revenue either.

200 each month we need for marketing specifically for your territory.

So after your franchise fees, your financial commitment with us will be yearly 2400.00


Remember the Hajj and Umrah market is a niche market. Customers are looking for accredited agents, especially those who are Saudi Hajj Ministry approved, ATOL protected and IATA accredited. Through our franchise you immediately have all these protections for your customers and a reputation that took us many years to build. If this is the field you are interested in, then this is the best formula for you. Opening under your name or taking on a name that is not approved will not attract customers.

Book with confidence

saudi_logo Ahmed Tours and Travels Ltd is a Saudi Hajj Ministry Approved agency. This allows us to organise Hajj and apply for hajj visas. Only companies that are licensed by the Saudi Hajj Ministry can take people to Hajj. Our license number is 1693
iata_logo We are IATA accredited. This allows us to take flight bookings as well issue tickets. Our license number is 91280884
atollogo We are ATOL [Air Organisers License] protected allowing us to take deposits from customers and sell packages that include air tickets. Our license number is 9775
companieshoues_logo We are registered with companies house. Our license number is 4787287

Hajj Packages
UK Hajj Packages
USA Hajj Packages

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UK Umrah Packages
Economy Umrah packages
Bronze Umrah packages
Silver Umrah packages
Gold Umrah packages
Diamond Umrah packages

USA Umrah Packages
Economy Umrah packages
Bronze Umrah packages
Silver Umrah packages
Gold Umrah packages
Diamond Umrah packages

Ahmed Tours & Travels
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