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Umrah Packages

UK Hajj Packages

USA Hajj Packages
at $ 5500*

Umrah Packages

Economy Packages
at 230*

Bronze Packages
at 260*

Silver Packages
at 310*

Gold Packages
at 360*

Dimond Packages
at 440*

*Excludes airfare.

Umrah Packages

Economy Packages
at $ 360*

Bronze Packages
at $  410*

Silver Packages
at $ 490*

Gold Packages
at $ 570*

Dimond Packages
at $ 690*

*Excludes airfare.


Ajiad Makkah 4*
Al Massa 4*
Al Marwah Rotana 5*
Al Shohada Hotel 5*
Dallah Barakah Ajiyad 3*
Dar Al Nadwah 4*
Eiman Grand 4*
Eiman Inn 4*
Elaf Kinda 5*
Grand Zam Zam 5*
Hilton Towers 5*
Intercon Darul Tawhid 5*
Le Meridian Makkah 5*
Le Meridina Towers 5*
Makkah hilton 5*
Movenpick Hajar Makkah 5*
Nawazi Ajyad 4*
Rawabi Al Taj 2*
Rawabi Zam Zam 3*
Royal Dar Al Eiman 5*
Safwah Towres 5*

Saraya Eiman 4*
Palestine Hotel
Elaf Mashaer
Dar al Manasek
Dar Al Ghufran
Raffles Makkah
Soofra Al Jazeera 3*


Al Haram 5*
Al Madinah Harmony 5*
Andalus Dar Al Khair 4*
Andalus Dar As Salam 3*
Anwar Madinah Movenpick 5*
Arees Al Jawar 4*
Dallah Taiba 4*
Dar Al Hijrah International 5*
Dyar International 5*
Eiman Grand Madinah 4*
Elaf Taiba 4*
Intercon Darul Eiman 5*
Intercon Darul Taqwa 5*
Jawharat Rasheed 3*
Madinah Hilton 5*
Madinah Movenpick 5*
Manazil Al Aswaf 3*
Massat Andalus Madianh 3*
Mawaddah Al Safwah 4*
Mirag Hotels 4*
Mubarak Silver 4*
New Al Harithiyah 5*
Oberoi 5*
Redisson Blu 5*
Shaza Al Madinah 5*
Holiday Villa
Royal Dyar
Soofra Al Huda 4*

Hajj Packages

Ahmed Tours hajj packages are recognised for their all inclusive nature and clear marketing. Our hajj packages are well recommended for contractual fulfillment, highly competitive pricing and top of the range hotels. Our hajj packages are well organised logistically and well delivered. The hajj packages involve good scholarly guidance from well versed and highly acclaimed scholars routinely during the days of Hajj. Our scholars follow the Sunnah strictly making our hajj packages highly attractive to those people who are interested in fulfilling the Hajj in the prophetic (pbuh) manner. Hajj is an obligation upon every Muslim who is financially and physically capable of fulfilling the demands of the journey. If you are one such lucky individual who has been called by Allah (SWT) then your responsibility is to ensure that you search for a reputable hajj packages provider like Ahmed Tours, compare hajj packages services advertised and not be only influenced by cheap hajj packages. Remember this should be a life changing experience, provided by Allah may be only once in your lifetime. There are shifting hajj packages and non shifting hajj packages and both should be compared with companies providing a like for like service. Shifting hajj packages involve 4/5 days stay during the days of Hajj in the Aziziyah locality of Makkah. These 4/5 days are the most expensive days in terms of hotel pricing in the immediate walking vicinity of Haram Sharif. By avoiding these 4/5 through shifting hajj packages, one is guaranteed 5* hotels in our hajj package. This is a much better value for money than ordinary non shifting hajj packages, where one pays similar prices but receives highly ordinary standard Makkah hotels.

We are Saudi Hajj Ministry approved agent, our license no is 1693  

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Flight Details: to be advised

Our Hajj Seminars Details

Hajj Seminar London
Date: 18 SEP 2014 
Time: 6PM to 11PM
Venue: The Empire Banqueting Hall
593 Barking Road, East Ham, London, E6 2LW - Near A406
Refreshment: Dinner will be served

Hajj Seminar Luton
Refreshment: Lunch will be served.


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Ahmed Tours and Travels Ltd is a Saudi Hajj Ministry Approved agency. This allows us to organise Hajj and apply for hajj visas. Only companies that are licensed by the Saudi Hajj Ministry can take people to Hajj. Our license number is 1693


We are IATA accredited. This allows us to take flight bookings as well issue tickets. Our license number is 91280884


We are ATOL [Air Organisers License] protected allowing us to take deposits from customers and sell packages that include air tickets. Our license number is 9775


We are registered with companies house. Our license number is 4787287

Hajj Packages
UK Hajj Packages
USA Hajj Packages

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UK Umrah Packages
Economy Umrah packages
Bronze Umrah packages
Silver Umrah packages
Gold Umrah packages
Diamond Umrah packages

USA Umrah Packages
Economy Umrah packages
Bronze Umrah packages
Silver Umrah packages
Gold Umrah packages
Diamond Umrah packages

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