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Umrah Packages

UK Hajj Packages
at 3200*

USA Hajj Packages
at $ 5500*

Umrah Packages

Economy Packages
at 230*

Bronze Packages
at 260*

Silver Packages
at 310*

Gold Packages
at 360*

Dimond Packages
at 440*

*Excludes airfare.

Umrah Packages

Economy Packages
at $ 360*

Bronze Packages
at $  410*

Silver Packages
at $ 490*

Gold Packages
at $ 570*

Dimond Packages
at $ 690*

*Excludes airfare.


Ajiad Makkah 4*
Al Massa 4*
Al Marwah Rotana 5*
Al Shohada Hotel 5*
Dallah Barakah Ajiyad 3*
Dar Al Nadwah 4*
Eiman Grand 4*
Eiman Inn 4*
Elaf Kinda 5*
Grand Zam Zam 5*
Hilton Towers 5*
Intercon Darul Tawhid 5*
Le Meridian Makkah 5*
Le Meridina Towers 5*
Makkah hilton 5*
Movenpick Hajar Makkah 5*
Nawazi Ajyad 4*
Rawabi Al Taj 2*
Rawabi Zam Zam 3*
Royal Dar Al Eiman 5*
Safwah Towres 5*

Saraya Eiman 4*
Palestine Hotel
Elaf Mashaer
Dar al Manasek
Dar Al Ghufran
Raffles Makkah
Soofra Al Jazeera 3*


Al Haram 5*
Al Madinah Harmony 5*
Andalus Dar Al Khair 4*
Andalus Dar As Salam 3*
Anwar Madinah Movenpick 5*
Arees Al Jawar 4*
Dallah Taiba 4*
Dar Al Hijrah International 5*
Dyar International 5*
Eiman Grand Madinah 4*
Elaf Taiba 4*
Intercon Darul Eiman 5*
Intercon Darul Taqwa 5*
Jawharat Rasheed 3*
Madinah Hilton 5*
Madinah Movenpick 5*
Manazil Al Aswaf 3*
Massat Andalus Madianh 3*
Mawaddah Al Safwah 4*
Mirag Hotels 4*
Mubarak Silver 4*
New Al Harithiyah 5*
Oberoi 5*
Redisson Blu 5*
Shaza Al Madinah 5*
Holiday Villa
Royal Dyar
Soofra Al Huda 4*

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saudi_logoAhmed Tours and Travels Ltd is a Saudi Hajj Ministry Approved agency. This allows us to organise Hajj and apply for hajj visas. Only companies that are licensed by the Saudi Hajj Ministry can take people to Hajj. Our license number is 1693

iata_logoWe are IATA accredited. This allows us to take flight bookings as well issue tickets. Our license number is 91280884

atollogoWe are ATOL [Air Organisers License] protected allowing us to take deposits from customers and sell packages that include air tickets. Our license number is 9775

companieshoues_logoWe are registered with companies house. Our license number is 4787287


Terms and Conditions

 User agreement between the user (User, you) and Ahmed Tours and Travels Ltd (Ahmed Tours, we, us); please read these terms and conditions of use before using Ahmed Tours website and making any booking.

 You consent to the Terms and Conditions when you use the Site, without qualification. If you disagree with any part of the Terms and Conditions, you may not use the Site in any way or make a booking.

 All correspondence regarding customer service or your booking should be sent to Ahmed Tours and Travels Ltd, 275 High Road Leyton, London, E10 5QN or emailed to

Contents of these Terms and Conditions:

1. Your Contract

2. Delivery of Your Booking

3. Cancellations or Modifications by you to your Booking

4. Payment

5. Passport, Visas and Health Requirements

6. Other Generally Applicable Terms


A 'booking' means any order for products you make on our Site which is accepted by us. Acceptance will be made by Ahmed Tours and a contract concluded when we have received full payment from you and sent a confirmation email from Ahmed Tours. All travel products featured on the Site are subject to availability.



Please note that in relation to air fares there are additional terms specific to that fare. For example, 'economy restricted' tickets are normally non-changeable and non-refundable. Flights must be used in the order set out in your itinerary - e.g. a failure to use the outbound flight or first stage of a journey could invalidate the rest of the ticket.

Please note that, in relation to flight tickets, the recommended minimum check-in time is 3 hours prior to departure for international flights and 90 minutes for domestic flights. Some airlines require you to reconfirm your return flight booking at least 72 hours before travel. Failure to reconfirm your flight booking directly with the airline may result in cancellation.

In addition, the majority of airlines reserve the right to make schedule changes and cancel confirmed bookings. While Ahmed Tours, as Agent, is not responsible for such schedule changes or cancellations, we will provide you with any reasonable assistance you require via our customer services.

We strongly recommend (particularly if you are flying economy class), that you check in early if you have particular seat requests. Ahmed Tours has no control over the allocation of seats, even if pre-booked with the airline, and can make no guarantee that specific seats will be available on departure.

Ahmed Tours is not responsible for the costs of any transfers between airports or terminals that you may incur.

Flights priced at special fares or best prices may not take the most direct route. Some itineraries require a change of aircraft en-route. A flight that is described as direct is one where there is no need to change aircraft during the journey. However, stops may be made en-route for re-fuelling or to let passengers on and/or off.

Flight times given are given on the 24 hour clock system, approximate and based on outbound flights. They may vary depending on flight schedules, type of aircraft, weather conditions etc., and are indications of the hours spent actually flying (excluding time on the ground during stops en-route or when changing aircraft) and are therefore given for guidance only and are subject to alteration and confirmation.


As part of the booking process for flight tickets you are given the option to enter the details of any relevant frequent flyer programme of which you are a member. Please note that any such frequent flyer programme is subject to the terms and conditions of the airline through which it is offered. Those terms and conditions may not give rewards on all types of fare and class of service. Please contact the airline in charge of your frequent flyer programme if you are unsure of its terms and conditions. In relation to the 'special requests' options relating to any product (e.g. meals, disabled facilities, child seats etc.), Ahmed Tours does not guarantee any such requests but will pass these requests on to the Airlines. It is your responsibility to confirm with the Airlines whether such special requests can be fulfilled.


Tickets will be sent as electronic tickets via e-mail.

Ahmed Tours rely on the information that you provide as being accurate and therefore cannot be held responsible if your e-ticket does not arrive due to an incorrect email address or your junk email settings. You must notify us immediately if you change your email address or contact telephone number. In addition, please check that the name on your passport matches the name on your ticket and/or booking confirmation.

In exceptional circumstances, Ahmed Tours may not be able to issue airline tickets for confirmed bookings due to ticketing restrictions outside its control. If this occurs we will attempt to notify you within 24 hours of confirmation and organise a refund or arrange an alternative. Where you choose an alternative and it is more expensive than your original booking, you may be responsible for paying the difference.

Please note that you may be required to produce your booking number and/or confirmation email to the relevant Airlines as evidence of your booking.


The following applies to all tickets booked via our Site:

Your ability to cancel or modify a booked travel product, and the method for doing so, will depend on the specific Airline's terms and conditions. Therefore it may not be possible to cancel or modify your tickets or there may be specific requirements you will have to meet.

For flight bookings, you may be able to cancel or modify your booking by contacting us by phone +44 (0) 208 532 8855 or email In some circumstances, Ahmed Tours may not be able to cancel or modify a travel product or service unless we receive a written request together with payment of any extra fees and associated charges. Please note that, in relation to flights, a 'no-show' for a flight may result in your ticket being cancelled by the airline and therefore not refundable. Consequently, if you desire to change a flight booking close to the departure time, we strongly recommend that you phone Ahmed Tours and obtain written email confirmation to that change before electing not to travel on the original flight. In the event that you make any alteration to your booking (including, but not limited to, cancellations, refunds, amendments and name changes), we reserves the right to charge you an administration fee of £25 GBP per person to cover the administration costs incurred by Ahmed Tours, the fee does not include any charges imposed directly by Airlines. Credit card fees and booking fees are non-refundable in the event of cancellation.

If you have used an e-voucher or received a discount when making a booking on the Site, you agree that you have read and accept the e-voucher or discount terms and conditions. Should you make any change to a confirmed booking which was originally made using an e-voucher or discount that e-voucher/discount will become invalid and you may be charged an amount equal to the value of the e-voucher/discount used.


Full payment for all ticket is required at the time of issuing the ticket.

Before payment is received in full, Ahmed Tours is not obliged to issue any tickets, confirmations, vouchers, or other travel documents. However, you shall in all cases remain liable for payment of the amounts agreed for the travel products and services ordered. Ahmed Tours is an IATA Ticketing Agent - your tickets for scheduled flights will be sent to you within 24 hours of payment being accepted.

Payment can only be paid through cheque, cash or bank transfer.


It is your duty to check that you are holding valid passport and visa for the country you are travelling.

Some overseas countries have an immigration requirement that your passport is valid for a minimum period after you enter that country, typically 6 months. If your passport has less than a year to run, please ensure you have a passport valid at least for the duration of your trip, although we recommend that you ask the Passport Agency before you travel to make sure. For further information about your UK passport and applications for renewal please visit the UK Passport website at If your passport is in its final year of validity, we advise you confirm the requirements of the destination before making final travel plans.

The name on the passport must match the name on the ticket; otherwise you may not be able to travel. If, after booking a holiday but before travelling, any member of your party changes their name, e.g. as a result of getting married, we must be notified immediately so that we can try to make the necessary changes to your holiday documentation. Also there could be a charge for that. If you are not a citizen of the countries you propose to visit, you should contact the Embassy of those countries for information and advice on the visa requirements.

Please note: Passport and visa regulations can change and you should therefore check with the relevant embassy well in advance of travel. It is your responsibility to be in possession of a valid passport and if appropriate, a visa. It can often take some time to obtain a visa, so you are advised to apply in plenty of time. We accept no responsibility for customers who do not possess the correct documents.

It is your responsibility to check and comply with any health requirements. We recommend that British Citizens visit the 'Health Advice for Travellers' section of the Department of Health's website at or speak to their GP. Non-British Citizens should make enquiries at their own country's Department of Health or similar advisory body.


Your rights under EC Regulation 261/2004 if your flight is cancelled, delayed or your are denied boarding.

If you are travelling into or out of the EU, or on an EU carrier, you may have rights which you can assert against the relevant airline in the event that your flight is cancelled, delayed or you are denied boarding. For more information about EC Regulation 261/2004, please log on to

Liability of Ahmed Tours and Travels Ltd

Ahmed Tours does not accept liability where the failure to provide part or all of your booking, death or personal injury is not caused by any fault of us, our agents or Travel Suppliers. In respect of international travel by air, sea and rail, our liability will be limited in the manner provided by the relevant international conventions.

Where Ahmed Tours is liable for direct loss this will be limited to a maximum of the total price of the products or services in respect of which a claim is made.

Ahmed Tours will not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss of any kind in contract, tort or otherwise arising out of your use of this Site or any of the travel products or services booked or purchased on the Site.

Queries and Complaints relating to your Booking

Please contact our customer services team, if you have any other enquiries or complaints relating to your booking prior to departure.

Advance Passenger Information – APIS

All airlines are required to collect APIS from passengers before they travel. You agree to supply this information to Ahmed Tours and consent to Ahmed Tours passing this information to the airlines who may onward disclose it to foreign authorities. If you do not supply Advance Passenger Information, you may be refused entry to these countries. It is also important that the information is accurate so that you do not have any delay when you pass through Immigration on arrival in these countries. The information you will be asked to provide will depend on the country you are visiting but will include passport information, city and country of residence and destination address if travelling to the USA (for all travellers on your booking).

Customer Behaviour

It is your responsibility to ensure that you do not behave in a way which is inappropriate or causes offence or danger to others or which risks damage to property belonging to others (including but not limited to drunkenness, air rage) whilst on your holiday or using a service/product. If your behaviour is inappropriate and/or causes offence, or damage to others, or risks damage to property belonging to others, we and/or our Travel Suppliers (e.g. airline staff) may cancel your booking, in which case our and our Travel Supplier's responsibility to you will cease immediately and you will not be eligible for any refunds, payments of compensation and/or any reimbursement of any cost or expenses you may incur as a result of such termination. Further, you will be liable to reimburse us for any expenses we incur as a result of such termination.

Use of the Site

The Site is provided on an 'as is' and 'as available' basis. Ahmed Tours does not accept any liability in respect of your ability to access or use the site at any time or any interruption in that access or use or any failure to complete any transaction. Ahmed Tours does not warrant that the Site is free from computer viruses or other properties that may cause loss or damage.

Information on the Site

Ahmed Tours offers all of the general information on the Site for purposes of guidance only. Please note that Ahmed Tours may at any time change any aspect of the Site or its content, including the availability of any suppliers, features, information, database or content. You need to check with the relevant Travel Supplier, destination, embassy, or tourist office to confirm the guidance is up to date. In particular, with respect to passports, visas, and vaccination requirements, Ahmed Tours does not guarantee that the information is always up to date and it is your responsibility to ensure that you understand and comply with all relevant passport, visa, and vaccination requirements. Ahmed Tours does not guarantee that information on the Site (including without limitation prices, descriptions or dates) is free from errors or omissions but we will use all reasonable endeavours to correct any errors or omissions as soon as practicable once they have been brought to our attention.

User Obligations

You agree to be bound by the following obligations, including without limitation:

You accept financial responsibility for all transactions made under your name or account.

You must be 18 years of age or over and have legal capacity.

You warrant that all information you provide about yourself or members of your household shall be true and accurate.

 The Site must not be used for speculative, false or fraudulent bookings.

The transmission of threatening, defamatory, pornographic, political, or racist material or any material that is otherwise unlawful is expressly prohibited.

The Site and any content may not be modified, copied, transmitted, distributed, sold, displayed, licensed or reproduced in any way by you, except that one copy of the information contained within the Site may be made for personal, non-commercial use.

Denial of Access

Ahmed Tours reserves the right to deny access to the Site at any time without notice.

Links to Third Party Web Sites

The Site may contain hyper links to external web sites owned and operated by third parties. Ahmed Tours has no control over or association with such third party sites and no responsibility in relation to the accuracy, completeness and quality of the information contained within them. Any and all contents on these external web sites do not reflect products, services or information provided by Ahmed Tours. You should direct any concerns regarding any external link to the site administrator or webmaster of such site.

Force Majeure

Ahmed Tours shall not be liable for any failure in the course of this Agreement if the same shall arise out of a force majeure event. This shall include without limitation government intervention, wars, civil commotion, hijacking, fire, flood, accident, storm, strikes, lockouts, terrorist attacks, or industrial action affecting Ahmed Tours or its suppliers.

Copyright and Trademarks

The copyright and all proprietary rights in the Site and all content are reserved by Ahmed Tours. The material contained within the Site is the property of Ahmed Tours or its affiliates unless identified as belonging to third parties. The name Ahmed Tours and any other marks, logos and graphics of Ahmed Tours displayed on the Site are registered trademarks of Ahmed Tours or its affiliates. Other company and product or service names displayed on the Site may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

You are not granted any right or licence to use any trademarks.

Privacy Policy

The terms of the Ahmed Tours Privacy Policy are incorporated into these Terms and Conditions. You agree to the use of personal information by Ahmed Tours and its affiliates or third party suppliers in accordance with the terms of and for the purposes set forth in the Ahmed Tours Privacy Policy.

Security Policy

Ahmed Tours uses secure technology in order to safeguard personal information and financial transactions. Ahmed Tours complies with the procedures and security standards as further set out in the Ahmed Tours Security Policy.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

Ahmed Tours reserves the right to change or update the Terms and Conditions relating to use of the Site from time to time without prior notice to Users. The current version of the Terms and Conditions will be displayed within the Site from the date on which any changes come into effect. Continued use of the Site following any changes to the Terms and Conditions shall constitute your acceptance of such changes.

Governing Law

This User Agreement is between you and Ahmed Tours and is governed by the laws of England and Wales.

The Site is offered to you by Ahmed Tours and Travels Limited, whose registered office is 162 Sebert Road, Forest Gate, London, E7 0nn and company registration no 4787287. Please note that all correspondence should be sent to Ahmed Tours and Travels Ltd, 275 High Road Leyton, London, E10 5QN.


Shopping online is no longer a new phenomenon. When you choose to pay by card on our site, this will be processed by redirecting you to world pay site. Security need not be the reason stopping you shopping online.

But with Ahmed Tours, security goes further than protecting your chosen payment details. We're doing everything to ensure that your tickets are with you when we say they will be. We'll always do our best to let you know if any of your flight details change. In fact, we'll help you feel secure throughout your travel experience.

Refund Policy

Refund is on discretion of the Airline, most tickets are non refundable, but in most cases you will be entitled to have the tax/surcharge amount refunded. For further advice and help on refunds, please e-mail quoting your booking reference no.

Where you have purchased packages including visa, once visa has been procured no refund will be given with respect to the payment you have made for the package part of the tour [visa, hotel and transport], except for air ticket.

Before visa has been procured if cancellation is made more than 4 weeks before departure, then you will receive a full refund for the package part of the tour except air ticket cost, minus £30 admin fee per person.

If less than 4 weeks remain, then no refund will be given for the package part of the tour.

Refund for Hajj / Umrah - if customer cancels

No refund will be given if less than 6 weeks is left of the tour, unless the customer can provide an alternative individual to replace him/her. Any amount oustanding will be pursued.

Refund for Hajj / Umrah- if due to our fault

If because of visa problem or anyother unforseen circumstances we are unable to provide you service, then we will refund you for the same. This may apply to one part of the package or anything that covers the entire package. In Hajj if we are unable to do visa or flight and as a result you cannot travel then we will refund for the whole package. However the processing of this refund will depend on how many people are involved. Customers are notified that for Hajj packages we pay for all items in advance and all are non refundable. Hence for us to return the customers money, depending on how many people invloved it may take us up to 1 year to fully refund. We can also offer the same package the following year free of charge.

In urgent circumstances where the customer can show clearly that not returning this money will affect their day to day living, then we will endevour to expidate the refund process.

The above refund policy applies to customers and agents.   

Charges for Umrah visa

Once an Umrah visa application is made and a Ministry Of Foreign Affairs registration number had we will charge £50 admin fee, regardless whether subsequently the Saudi Embassy gives a visa or not. You agree to this charge if applying for an Umrah visa.

Privacy Policy

At Ahmed Tours, we understand and respect the importance of your privacy. In this privacy policy, we explain how we collect data about you and your use of this website, how we use that data, who that data may be sent to, and how you can amend data you have submitted to us.

How do we collect data about you and your use of the website?

We ask you for personal information in a variety of circumstances:

  1. when you make a reservation or purchase something from our website or through our customer service team - by email, letter, fax, or on the phone;

  2. when you register with us, subscribe to our newsletter, enter competitions or register for promotions; or

  3. when you take part in surveys or provide us with feedback.

To make Ahmed Tours work even better for you, we also use 'cookies' to collect information about your use of the website. Cookies are a feature of web browser software that allows web servers to temporarily store information within your browser, which in turn allows us to recognise the computer used to access Ahmed Tours. Most browsers automatically accept cookies but you can delete existing cookies from your browser. You can also edit your browser options to choose not to receive cookies in future. For further information on cookies, we recommend you visit

To establish how customers reach our site, we employ a third party to collect information through cookies. No personal information (i.e. that can identify you) is collected during this process.

How do we use your data?

We may use your data for the following principal purposes:

  1. to provide you with the highest possible level of service (such as a special meals request) and to help you to get the best out of our website;

  2. to fulfil the bookings and purchases you have made through our website, and any other requests we receive from you;

  3. to contact you about changes to your itinerary e.g. flight schedule changes, delays etc, or to send you useful information about your trip;

  4. to notify you about our products and services, special offers and promotions and any other marketing materials which we think may interest you. While this may include material about third party products from time to time, those third parties will not contact you directly (unless you subsequently ask them to!);

  5. for other administrative purposes and for internal analysis; and

  6. to occasionally participate as part of a survey or to get feedback

Normally we will contact you by email but we may occasionally contact you by mail, phone, fax or sms (mobile phone text messages).

As we may need to contact you regarding flight schedule changes or cancellations as quickly as possible after they are notified to us by the airline we strongly recommend that when booking you give us a valid email address and phone number that is accurate and does not block calls from business numbers before and during any travel period.

Who may your data be disclosed to?

We disclose your data to our partners who will only use your data for the purposes of fulfilling your booking requests.

We will not disclose your data to any other third parties except where it is necessary for the purposes of fulfilling any bookings, purchases or requests that you make on the website, through our customer service team, for the purposes or credit checks or fraud prevention or as otherwise described in this policy. We may be required to disclose your information if required by any applicable law or regulation. We may also disclose your data to reputable third parties and professional advisers acting on our behalf and who are obliged to keep that data confidential.

All airlines are required to collect Advance Passenger Information from passengers before travel. For this purpose, your data may be disclosed to airlines who may onward disclose it to foreign authorities.

Transfer of information

If it is necessary to transfer your data to a company based outside the EU (e.g. for the purpose of fulfilling your booking) then we will make every effort to ensure that your personal data is processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and any other relevant legislation in force from time to time.

How can you amend or suppress your personal data?

We have done our best to make it easy for you to amend or suppress the personal data you have submitted. In addition, when you sign in you will see a link called 'Profile' that allows you to edit or delete your details. If you require any other information about the data we hold about you please email

Traveller Profiles

Ahmed Tours collects personal information about travellers when a booking is made. Ahmed Tours also has a facility whereby traveller profiles (both for yourself and others) are stored to save you typing these details each time you make a booking. This information includes traveller name, date of birth, contact details, meal preferences, credit card and invoicing information, frequent flyer programmes and travel preferences.

As traveller profile information may relate to persons other than yourself, you should ensure that any information you provide, which relates to others, is provided with those persons’ consent to its use in accordance with this privacy policy.

Opt out

If you wish us to stop sending you newsletters or details of other offers and promotions please automatically subscribe through the unsubscribe link in our emails or email us at

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