From LHR GULF or Egypt Airlines

MAKKAH HOTEL - 5 nights

Eco | Al Eiman Sud


Passport valid for 8 months from departure


Fully guided indepth Ziyarah of Makkah & Madinah 


Depart 19 DEC 18 | Return 29 DEC 18

MADINAH HOTEL - 5 nights

Eco | Eiman Uhud


Jed - Mak - Mad - Jed


Quad | Triple | Double available 



Depart from UK airport

19 DEC 18

19 DEC 18

Reach Jeddah

Meet and greet at Jeddah Aiport and make way to Makkah 

Check in Makkah hotel

Check in Makkah hotel 

19 DEC 18

24 DEC 18

Check out Makkah

leave for Madinah

Check in Madinah

24 DEC 18

29 DEC 18

Check out Madinah

Leave for Jeddah Airport

Depart From Jeddah

back to London Heathrow

29 DEC 18

Makkah Ziyarah

Prophets birth home

Prophets mothers grave

Cave of Hira, the first revelation

Visit of Taif, where the prophet was stoned (subject to permission)

Burial site of Khadija

Isra Wal Miraj

Cave of Thawr

Mina, Arafah, Muzdhalifah

Jabal E Rahmat (farewell sermon)

Masjid Jin

Migration to Madinah (Tariq Al Hijrah)


Madinah Ziyarah

Burial site of Ummul Mumineen (Maimoona)

Masjid Quba, first mosque

Masjid Qiblatain, mosque with 2 Qiblah

Masjid Ghamama, prophet performed Eid prayer

Badr (subject to permission)



Well and site where prophets body was washed

Prophets Rawdah

Baqi cemetary



Dar Al Eiman Al Sud - Eco

Al Eiman Ohud - Eco


Visiting the House of Allah [SWT] provides nourishment to the soul. It is necessary every year to revitalise the mind and bring focus into the spiritual life. There is no cheaper way of doing this than a short visit through umrah packages. As the years have passed the service levels have become more and more better and the standard of accommodation reaching those of popular holiday destinations. Some say this excessive commercialisation has watered down the spirit of Makkah and Madinah. We say this excessive commercialisation has made the umrah packages more attractive and suitable to Muslims. Whereas before a holiday was a holiday. Now holiday and Ibadah are mixed into one. Muslims from the UK nowadays predominantly travel to Umrah on its own or go to Umrah on the way to home countries or other holiday destinations.

Most families travel with children and elderly people. Convenient flight, on time ground transport together with walking distance hotels and guidance are some of the essentials of umrah packages. Our packages that are cheap umrah packages when compared to the market come highly recommended and accordingly fulfill all the above necessities. We look after our clients regardless of whether they are single, couple, families or large groups.

Not only are we customer focused but additionally we won’t be beaten on price and this is not because our products are of inferior quality but due to heavy advance investment and significant buying power on the umrah packages market. Suppliers recognise our potential and are willing to support our specific needs. It is simply an equation of supply and demand. Our umrah packages are very popular and more than 80% of the customers are based on year on year recommendations. The popularity of our packages is due to the range of hotels we provide, our pricing, our customer service in the UK and Saudi Arabia. Our expert teams deal with each customer instance uniquely. Making sure that from start to finish the customer has an experience to remember regardless of whether they purchased cheap umrah packages or the most luxurious service money can buy. Ahmed Travels is equally suited to both spectrums of expectations.

No matter which dates, hotels or amenities you require Ahmed Travels usually has this covered. Our tours are used by a large demographic of professionals from doctors, engineers, business men, officers. The underlying theme for their choice is our service. Our customers know that they are in safe hands and we are there for them all the time. Ahmed Travels does not only sell cheap umrah packages, included is our 30 year expertise, support and caring mentality. Your absolute satisfaction is our ethos, our maxim - world class in Hajj and Umrah.

Cheap Umrah Packages

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